May 1 - June 2,2014

Exposed Underlay is a universal concept which reveals the artistic nature of humanity. When I was asked to curate this exhibition, I knew I would be confronted by a massive and varied body of work most curators would not take on.

However, despite the short amount of time available, a period of one month, the challenge of working with so many artists in a space few curators would ever have the opportunity to work within was one I couldn’t pass up. From the very start, I wanted to display the overall potency these students have to offer. The challenge rested within the arrangement of the pieces in the 2800 square foot space secured in the heart of downtown Savannah: City Market.

I wanted to create spaces.

Each of these artists is incredibly talented, but how best to piece them together became a challenge. Ease comes when the medium is singular or dual, such as only painting or painting alongside graphic work. But, with the architecture students, they carry every discipline encompassed in the design process: painting, drawing, graphic design, furniture, sculpture, fashion, etc.

How do I show off the distinctive cohesiveness of the group, The Exhibitionists, as a whole?

Again, create spaces where attendants can stand in the center of and simply look in all directions, giving them the ability to walk away and say they are moved by the graffiti and photograph space, the drawing and small works space, initial opening space, or the sculptural space. Exposed Underlay presents a diverse body of work that is similar by virtue of variety.

There are differences, sure, such as rigid lines versus organic fluctuations, laser cut panels versus spray paint, light installations versus clothing design. But all of these minor disciplines fall under the overall thought of architectural design. Studies and expanded knowledge give these artists the comprehension they crave to embrace all design aesthetics. I curated this exhibition because I didn’t know what would be thrown at me by the 42 participating artists.

I helped some of the artists complete their pieces. I have the cuts and the unslept hours to carry with me just as they do while designing their structures. Rarely have I come across the level of talent these individuals possess. I am so very proud to have been a part of this exhibition.

David Paxton

Independent Arts Professional

Curator and Consultant