David L. Paxton is a self taught artist. He began working with oils five years again and hasn’t put his brush down since. While working in a traditional medium, his paintings reflect the turbulence of everyday life, love, loss, loneliness, all with a wry humor permeating his art. Everything becomes his subject mater: from a childhood stuffed animal to an elevator in a hotel lobby.

With his art he works to define elusive humanity.

As well as having accomplished a Master's degree for arts administration at SCAD in 2013, David holds a BA in English with a focus on poetry and creative writing.

As an avid poetry writer his paintings attain a musicality and elusive elegance derived from his mastery of the written word and are reminiscent of the lyrical arts.

Also an accomplished cook, he also draws inspiration from in creating his colorful works of art. Currently, David is a resident of Savannah, GA, where he works and paints. He plans to continue his exploration of the world through art and travel.

David Paxton Portrait